• coffee pot
  • cupping spoon
  • coffee server and cofee dripper
  • Rustle with the wind,
    Dance with the birds,
    and sing with the leaves.

    A silverware coffee set
    to savor the authentic taste
    of the water and coffee.
    Mori no Coffee.

  • coffee mil
  • measuring spoon

mori no coffee set

 Taking advantage of the antibacterial and water-softening effect of silver, Mori no Coffee is a silverware coffee set that brings out the authentic taste of coffee.
 Silver is not a metal easily recognized as a natural product, but it is, in fact, a substance nurtured over many years by people’s hands and nature.
 Mori no Coffee items are richly decorated with the traditional techniques of Tokyo Silverware (designated by the national and metropolitan governments), such as Tsuchime (hammered mark), Ishime (rock pattern), and polishing — Mori no Coffee itself is art from nature with functionality and design.
 In collaboration with “Tokyo ToKougei / Rattan Craft” a traditional craft designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the rich nature and elegance are expressed through various materials intertwined in the silverware coffee set.
 Savor the mellow and full flavor of the coffee brought out by the silverware.

  • “The pursuit of making high-quality coffee relished in silverware.”
    Development of the coffee grinder

     With the cooperation of a particular public industrial technology research center, Moriginki Seisakusho Co., Ltd. is developing an original stainless grinder to find a shape and function suitable for silverware. Improving the blade's shape to increase the grinding efficiency, checking whether the uniformity of the coffee powder changes the flavor, and seeking the optimum number of rotations by calculating the energy required to grind the beans… Moriginki pursues functions and shapes that bring out the best of coffee served in silverware through repeated experiments and scientific approaches.